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In a world where Fate seems to be set in Stone, there's nothing you can do to change it.

Or can you?

Download the Game below to find out ;)


"Moirai" is a Visual Novel Style Game, in which you meet Characters from Greek Mythology with a tragic Backstory, and can influence their course of Fate.  Exploring the surroundings in a modern City, you can gather more information about the world you're about to plunge into and maybe spot some snarky comments here and there.

In the current Chapter you meet Pandora, a young woman who is a victim to her mighty uncle Zeus' revenge. Can you help her out of that situation? Or... do you even want to?

We are a Team of  3 Animation&Game Students from Germany, who created this Game as Part of our Bachelor's Degree.  Our Goal was to create a Visual Novel which includes an explorable Environment, increasing the Immersion and Player Interactivity. 

This Version is showing the first Chapter of Three, so not all of the Consequences and Story  can be shown. Due to our limited capacities concerning (wo)manpower and time, we decided to only create this Part as a proof of concept for our Thesis. If you liked this, please let us know and support us so we can create the other two Chapters as well! :)

If you played the Game, please take a couple minutes to answer this survey, it would mean a lot to us and help write our Bachelor's Thesis. :)

Our Team:

Anneke Stiehler - Programming & Game Design

Malika Widmayer - Environment & TechArt

Marlena Themann - Characters & Dialogue

Wieland Müller - Sound Design


Download the Game Here!


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Oh oh I hope we get to help hades! :D

Maybe one day you'll get to do that ;)


Thank you! And another thank you for the cool video ;)